Install Prezi

Prezi Licences

Prezi Licenses

Prezi Desktop offers us 3 kinds of licenses according to your needs. As we know, you can use Prezi online for ever, however, Prezi Desktop comes with trial versions for 30 days. So, if you like the software, and we are sure it happened, you will have to get a licence, and these are options that Prezi give us. Public …

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Install Prezi Desktop – Latest Version

Install Prezi Desktop para Windows

Hi my friends, today we bring to you the latest version of Prezi Desktop, you can install it in your PC, and it give us the possibility to run Prezi withouth an internet connection. It is really fast, and you only need the Adobe Flash Player. Advantages of Prezi Desktop: – It runs in our PC, so you don’t need …

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