Install Prezi Desktop – Latest Version

Hi my friends, today we bring to you the latest version of Prezi Desktop, you can install it in your PC, and it give us the possibility to run Prezi withouth an internet connection. It is really fast, and you only need the Adobe Flash Player.

Advantages of Prezi Desktop:

– It runs in our PC, so you don’t need a high speed connection.

– You can save all your Prezis in your computer.

– Just with a few clicks, you can share your Prezis with your friends.

– Runs with an incredible speed.

This version comes in several languages, you can choose the one you prefer.

Remember that after the installation, you must register in Prezi for getting an user and password, otherwise you won’t be able to start making presentations in Prezi Desktop.

Click on the green arrow to start the download of the original version of Prezi Desktop for Windows, if you are using a MAC, go to this LINK.

If you had any trouble during the installation, just leave us a comment with your facebook account.

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